Sister Unn's

2011 - 2012 // Collaboration with Bunny Rogers
More Information

If I Die Young

2013 // Collaboration with Bunny Rogers
319 Scholes, NY. More Information

Materials from Sister Unn's

2019 // Collaboration with Bunny Rogers
New Museum, NY. More Information

The Well, The Windmill & The Lighthouse

2019 // solo
Kimberly-Klark, NY. More Information

WHM Centerfold

2018 // Collaboration with Women's History Museum
for Art Forum Magazine. More Information


2017 // Oil on wood panel
For "Farewell Joanperfect" by Bunny Rogers
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.

ballet doll

2016 // pencil on paper

On The Way to Unn's

2015 // Collaboration with Bunny Rogers
Queens Museum, NY. More Information

Stainless Steel Morphine Pills

2014 // Collaboration with Bunny Rogers

Disaster in Potato Valley

2016 // Duo show with Betty Roytburd
Kimberly-Klark, NY. More Information


2011 // watercolor

I didn't do anything to deserve this

2007 - 2008 // series of photos of cars filled with surveillance equipment left in the "No Parking" zone outside my apartment watching me i dont know why. i didn't do anything to anyone it's awful they are here every day filming me and watching through the walls with special equipment. i've filed numerous complaints to the city but no one has done anything i've started keeping a record of every license plate and car make and model along with photographic evidence i just dont understand how they could do this to me or what they want from me

Portrait of Winnie the Pooh for my 2 year old Niece

2007 // oil on canvas.
gift art i like very much because it has such a specific and small audience that it can be extremely powerful.


2004 // oil on canvas